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lol, its not inactive. ESO just launched, and we stopped using the site. We still raid multiple times a week in Swtor.
oh man guys, Farum is back! im kinda sad to see the guild this inactive, i remember when it was at its prime :'( maybe things will get better though :)
an one able to invite thats online atm ?
is there any onw who can invite me back to the guild ?
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Now Offically 5/5 for DF and DP HM

Umaroth, Dec 19, 13 3:34 AM.

4/5 DF HM and 4/5 DP HM

Kraxx, Oct 28, 13 4:16 AM.

4/5 DF HM and 3/5 DP HM

Kraxx, Oct 21, 13 1:34 AM.

4/5 DF HM and 2/5 DP HM

Kraxx, Oct 15, 13 5:21 AM.

1st boss down in DF HM

Kraxx, Oct 8, 13 6:00 AM.
See above.

SWTOR 2.0 Update Scum and Villainy Launches April 14

Trevelyan, Mar 25, 13 5:03 PM.
For anybody that has not already heard Update 2.0 has been formally given a launch day, April 14. For those however that preordered early enough you will be able to start playing April 9.


Biggin, Sep 28, 12 9:09 PM.
Congrats to Kyraxx, Janos, Jedipoohface, Biggin, Gagebo, Wolfettewolf, Keil, and Lens for downing The Thing From Beyond in SM.

Morning Crew Downs Kephess!!

Kiel01, Sep 3, 12 5:37 PM.
Congrats to Jedipoohface, Stoldoyank, Biggin, Twine, Asteran, Lens, Kraxx and Keil on finally downing Kephess in EC Hard Mode. Also thanks to all those who have run with the morning crew along the way.
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